Our Expertise

R-Research’s key areas of expertise are coordinating, managing and conducting large-scale international research projects, designing and executing complex research plans in various national settings, linguistic skills and effective communication.

We conduct quantitative and qualitative online and off-line research projects including consumer and B2B surveys, opinion polls, socio-economic and political surveys, focus groups, triads, in-depth interviews, ethnographic interviews and participant observations. We offer hybrid methodologies, complex research designs and analytics.

Among our clients are government agencies, international bodies, national and international media organisations, think-tanks, leading universities, movie studios, various national and international businesses and research agencies.

We work in the following regions:

Regions Countries
CIS Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova
Caucasus Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
Central Asia Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
The Baltic States
Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia
Eastern Europe Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovakia
Greater Middle East Egypt, Pakistan

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